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Paradise Stoneworks

Within the first month of managing our client’s Google ads campaigns, we were able to increase the amount of clicks by 316%, impressions by 526%, all while lowering their average CPC by -76%.

The Client

Paradise Stoneworks specializes in providing the highest quality materials and landscaping services in the Southwest Florida. 

With over 15+ years of experience, and being the local favorite for everything paver and landscaping, they’ve built up their reputation and wanted to be the first listing customers see when searching for their services.

Having attempted to build out their Google ads campaigns and not seeing the results that they wanted, they called on our expert team to review their campaigns and make improvements.

Increased Google Ads Clicks by 316%

Within the first month of working with this client, we grew their Google ads clicks from 150 clicks a month to 650 by:

Created new ads and ad groups that better categorize our client’s services and offerings

Tailoring each ad with a group of keywords equaling a highly relevant, targeted ad.

Improved Google ad score by matching relevant pages with ads, ultimately lowering cost per click.

Reduced the Average Cost per Click by -76%

Before working on this client, they were paying on average $6.50 for each click on their ads.  After the first month of our services, we were able to reduce the average cost per click to only $1.54.  

Saving them nearly $5 per click!

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