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In less than a year working with StemCures, we’ve been able to increase rankings for target keywords, increase organic traffic per month by 170%, and increase organic goals by 527%.

The Client

StemCures is a local Cincinnati stem cell clinic that helps reduce joint and knee pain using a relatively new practice called stem cell therapy.  The process extracts your bodies own stem cells to rapidly heal targeted areas of your body.

With over 20+ years of experience, multiple books written on the subject matter, and over 70 5-star reviews on their Google My Business listing, they are truly experts in their field.  They sought the help of an expert an SEO to grow their traffic.

Increased Organic Traffic from 1,000 visits a month to 2,700 (+170%)

We were able to grow their monthly organic traffic by this amount by :

Identifying high volume keywords with relatively low ranking difficulty 

Created high-quality articles, made additional on-page SEO optimizations

With a little bit of time, we’ve helped create 20+ articles that rank for their targeted keywords

Increased Organic Goals from 7 a month to 94 (+527%)

With StemCures increase in traffic, we also looked at how they can maximize this traffic for goal completions.

Working in their website, we helped create more engaging contact forms, videos, and value offerings to convert visitors to customers.

The result of which we saw an increase of 527% in goal completions a month!

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