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SEO & Responsive Web Design (Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Crucial for Your Business)

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Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Is Crucial to Build Your Business

Mobile-friendly websites are absolutely vital for small businesses.

Small businesses need one thing above all to succeed – customers. And attracting today’s customers means optimizing your SEO and using responsive web design.


The Customer Has Spoken

Studies show that more than 50% of online traffic now comes from mobile devices.

And customers demand mobile friendly websites to make their consumer experience convenient and engaging.


Google Has Also Spoken

Google is still the number one search engine, worldwide. So when it comes to web searches, small businesses rely on the Google algorithm.

In order to claim customers you must first make it easy for them to find you. And making it easy for your customers to find you means improving your Google ranking.

Your ranking on Google goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization.


Your Search Engine Ranking Matters

Did you know that most web users won’t scroll past the first five listings on a page? That makes it vital for your small business to claim a good search engine ranking.

A good search engine ranking means your website will pop up fast in an online search.


What It’s Vital To Know About SEO

Strong Search Engine Optimization is vital to make it easy for your customers to find you online.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – means competitively taking steps to ensure that your small business website has a strong web presence.

So as a small business, what must you do maximize your mobile content and SEO and win customer approval?


SEO Essential Steps

Speed up! This is the age of instant gratification. Slow loading speeds are proven to lose customers quickly. And slow loading speeds also lower your Google ranking. Both outcomes are the kiss of death to your small business.

Optimize content to be mobile-friendly. Engaging and responsive web design is also the make or break of a good customer experience.

Increase your online ranking to make it easy for customers searching for your product to find you. Do this by satisfying the Google algorithm.

Your customer base is the essence of a successful small business. And a great SEO is the essence of growing customer engagement.

And to achieve a great SEO you must also achieve a mobile-friendly website.


But What Does a Mobile-Friendly Website Really Mean?

Mobile friendly simply means that your website will display well on a handheld mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, or whatever device your customer is using to search. This is known as responsive web design.

Responsive web design allows your website to work well on any screen size or platform and automatically formats itself to the device being used.

Responsive web design makes for mobile-friendly websites that make the user experience engaging and convenient. Customers love engaging and convenient consumer experiences. Earning customer love means repeat visits to your website.

Customers love:

Fast loading times. Pages that don’t load immediately can lose you the sale.

Easy navigation. 94% of customers say your site must be easy to navigate.

Mobile-friendly content is user-friendly content.

Google Agrees With Your Customers

Since Google ranks number one in search engines, your small business should aim to rank number one with Google.

Google also loves fast loading times, easy navigation and mobile-friendly content.

In fact, Google has made those required features to gain a good search engine ranking.

Not Sure If Your Site is Mobile Friendly?

That’s ok – Google has it covered. Click here to run Google’s free mobile-friendly test.

How Can Your Small Business Achieve All This?

How To Please Your Customers, Optimize SEO and Gain a Good Search Engine Ranking

Don’t dismay, it’s a lot easier than it sounds to make your small business website much more mobile friendly.

  • Fast loading times

One quick fix to make your site mobile friendly is to ensure fast loading times. You can achieve this by compressing and optimizing web images. Everyone knows images are vital to customer engagement, but reducing image sizes can instantly increase loading time. Image optimization plugins can also help take the hard work out of compressing your file sizes by doing it for you. There are many free and low-cost options available, such as Smush and Optimole.

  • Easy Navigation

According to Clutch “Almost everyone (94%) says easy navigation is the most important website feature”. Your customers want a website with a clear menu structure making it easy to find their way between pages, and your homepage simply must be well designed. The best way to ensure easy navigation is to use cutting-edge web design and tech support, although a quick online search can offer you some practical, simple solutions to make your website functional and easy to navigate.

  • Mobile Friendly Content

Captivating headlines and concise, targeted text are a must – as is a clean, appealing design. Dazzle your customers with fascinating, fast loading images. Make it easy to view videos with or without headphones. Make your site easy to use and your customers will stay and come back again. 38% of people will leave if your small business website content and layout are unappealing or unattractive. And Google itself offers web designers tips for ensuring mobile-friendly content.

If you build a good SEO they will come. And once your customers have found you, a mobile-friendly customer experience will encourage them to stay, and come back

time and again.


Mobile Commerce Is Here To Stay

Mobile commerce sales reached $359.32 billion in 2021, an increase of 15.2% over 2020.

There’s just no way around it – small businesses must be SEO savvy and mobile device friendly to compete in today’s online market.


Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites Are Crucial For Customer Engagement

Without a strong customer base, you don’t have a business.

Mobile commerce is the future, and a responsive, mobile-friendly site is your key to that future.

So create a great customer experience by creating a responsive, mobile-friendly site. Support the growth of your small business with the best ranking and the best SEO possible.

Join the leaders in your field. Build a mobile-friendly website and build the strong, engaged, and enthusiastic customer base your business deserves.

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