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What is a Technical
SEO Audit?

A Technical SEO audit looks to crawl and index your website as search engines like Google would.


By analyzing the results, we are able to have a list of issues and errors with your website that Google can count against you.


Our next step is craft an action plan.  We’re going to work to resolve these issues and create a game plan to clean up your site and improve performance.


We don’t stop until we’ve resolved all issues new and existing on your website.  It’s truly an ongoing process.

What Our SEO Audit Services Look For

When we perform an SEO website audit, we look at a few common factors that effects a website’s performance.

Our SEO audit is a comprehensive crawl that identifies the following:

SEO Ranking Factors

First and foremost, we identify the issues that will effect your website's SEO performance.

Site Speed Factors

There can be many factors that can slow down your website. We identify what's bogging down your site.

Crawlability Factors

Your site needs to be able to be crawled in order to rank. We make sure your site can be crawled easily.

Why You Need an SEO Site Audit

You might be wondering how your website can benefit from an SEO website audit service.


Technical SEO can play a large role in your website’s overall success.


Below are a few reasons how our SEO audit services can benefit your website:

  • Good Site Health = Good SEO

    Simply put, the less mistakes your website has and the more optimized your website is, the better chance your website has to rank in the search results.

  • Improves Site Speed

    Slow websites are the worst. An SEO website audit can not only tell if your website is slow, but what exactly is slowing down your website. A faster website will make your visitors happy

  • Better User Experience

    A website audit can also help with your website's overall user experience. Much like site speed, user experience will help keep your website experience pleasant.

How We Help Clean Up Your Site

Now that you know what an SEO website is, why you need one, let’s uncover what we specifically look at and how we can help improve your website’s health.

404 Error Pages

We make your business shine on search. Not only that, but we optimize it and make sure it ranks well.

Broken Links

We track the most important keywords for your business and see where you're ranking for them.

Duplicate Content

We track how many calls your business is receiving on your GMB listing.

Large Image Size

Reviews are crucial. So is responding to them. We take care of this so you don't have to.

Toxic Backlinks

Citations like Yelp and BBB help spread the word of your business. We build more for you.

Minify Code

Regular photo updates are one of the best ways for your customers to engage with you on your GMB.


Posting on your GMB is also a great way to inform your customers of any deals or news.

Missing Meta Data

Every month, we deliver comprehensive white-label reports on your GMB performance.

Our SEO Website Audit Process

Having a process in place for an SEO audit is everything.  And we’d like to share ours.


To ensure delivery of a high-quality audit, we follow the following steps:

  • Crawl Webpages

    We begin our website SEO audit process by crawling every webpage, image, file, and plugin to put together our initial findings.

  • Identify Errors

    We accumulate our findings and start putting together actionable next steps and priorities.

  • Fix Issues

    We get to action by taking our priorities list and our initial findings, and get to work. We make sure to fix everything we set out to fix.

Fine-Tune Your Site with a Technical SEO Audit

Our comprehensive SEO website audits are fully customizable to your business and your needs.

With our technical SEO audit services, you receive valuable data on your current website health score, amount of errors, issues, and notices that can effect SEO, and a priority list of these issues as well as actionable next steps.


With our SEO audit services, you have insights into:

Technical SEO Audit Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO audit is an analysis of your website with SEO in mind.


An SEO audit identifies issues with your website that can be improved.


An SEO expert can then determine priorities and start optimizing your website.

An SEO audit is done by using a crawler agent that acts as a search engine crawler and finds issues and errors with your current website.

If getting more organic traffic to your website is a priority, then an SEO audit is absolutely worth it.


Overlooking technical SEO can be costly as your website can have errors that can hurt your rankings.


Your website’s health is one of the most common aspects that is overlooked when thinking of SEO.

Agencies charge anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000.


We offer more affordable prices on our website audits that are just as comprehensive.


Reach out to us if you would like more information on our pricing.

The purpose of a website audit is to review and analyze your website’s SEO performance.


A website audit will uncover specific technical errors and issues with your website that can be optimized for better performance.

Of course!  We specialize in providing comprehensive technical SEO audits at an affordable price.


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