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Success Story - Freedom IOT

We Helped Increase Website Traffic by 80% in 3 months

At Cincy SEO, our mission is to realize our clients’ online potential, unearthing opportunities for growth and enhancing their digital presence. We take pride in our results-driven approach, demonstrated by our recent partnership with Freedom IOT, a leading smart manufacturing SaaS platform.

The Objective

Freedom IOT approached us with the aim to significantly increase their website traffic. As they ventured into the digital arena, they required an SEO strategy that was just as smart, scalable, and ambitious as their brand.

The Cincy SEO team has been instrumental in helping grow our website to what it is today. They helped us migrate our website to a new domain and mitigated any traffic loss.

They also took the time to learn about our business and our software and have built a strategy that compliments our business' goals.

Results Oriented SEO Strategy

The first step was adopting an evergreen content strategy.


Our knowledgeable team, drawing upon regional insights and industry expertise, created high-quality, long-lasting content that continuously resonated with users.


This strategy catered to both the technical sophistication of their SaaS platform and the local sensibilities of their audience, ensuring consistent relevance and appeal.

Additional Landing pages to Drive results

Concurrently, Cincy SEO initiated the creation of service-specific landing pages. By doing so, we were able to effectively highlight each of Freedom IOT’s services, while optimizing for search engine visibility. This approach ensured Freedom IOT’s diverse offerings were not only clearly articulated but also, could easily be found by those who needed them most.

Smooth Website Migration

Alongside these innovative strategies, our collaborative team effectively managed a comprehensive website migration for Freedom IOT.


We meticulously ensured every page was transitioned in an SEO-friendly manner, minimizing disruptions and protecting against the loss of any valuable site authority.

Exceptional Outcome

The results? A staggering 80% increase in website traffic. This data-driven success highlights Cincy SEO’s commitment to provide unrivaled SEO services, that not only expand the digital reach of businesses, but also catalyze their growth.


Our partnership with Freedom IOT did not merely meet their digital growth objectives, it paved the way for continuous growth, embracing the dynamism of the digital age. A true testament to our ethical and customer-focused approach.

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