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Success Story - Greenlight Traffic Engineering

We Helped Increase Website Traffic by 60% in 6 months

At Cincy SEO, our mission is to empower Cincinnati-based businesses to thrive in the digital age by driving sustainable growth through data-driven, ethical, and innovative SEO strategies. We take pride in delivering tangible results for our clients and always strive to exceed their expectations.

The Objective

Greenlight Traffic Engineering was struggling with limited online visibility, stagnant growth, and ineffective keyword targeting that hindered their ability to reach their target audience in the Cincinnati area. Partnering with us, their primary objectives included:

  • Establishing an evergreen content strategy to drive organic traffic.
  • Boosting keyword rankings for targeted searches
  • Retargeting users through advanced Google Ads strategies

Almost immediately we were seeing results from (Cincy SEO's) strategy. Within weeks we had a fully built content strategy, and working branded assets to help build our content process.

They've truly understood what our objectives are as a company and we've seen staggering increases in our rankings and our traffic because of them.

Targeted Keyword Rankings

With our extensive knowledge of Google’s algorithms, we identified high-impact keywords critical to Greenlight’s success. Through tailored on-page optimizations and continuous link-building efforts, we positioned Greenlight Traffic Engineering at the top of search engine results.


Over 6 months, our client saw an additional 26 keywords rank in the top 3 positions for their services.

Evergreen Content Strategy

Our team developed an evergreen content strategy designed to appeal to Greenlight’s target audience and showcase their expertise in the industry. By crafting compelling, informative, and cross-linked content, we successfully increased organic traffic and user engagement.


Over the first 6 months, we’ve published over a dozen articles targeting our client’s service keywords and have achieved #1 rankings.

Advanced Google Ads Retargeting

Cincy SEO utilized advanced Google Ads strategies, including retargeting, that focused on driving the most relevant traffic to Greenlight’s site. By analyzing user behavior and refining our advertising efforts, we decreased their cost-per-click (CPC) and increased their return on investment (ROI).


We’ve been able to increase their conversions by over 200% with our Google Ads retargeting strategy

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