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Success Story - Nurture Doula & Ultrasound Spa

We Helped Increase Website Traffic by 120% in 3 months

At Cincy SEO, we pride ourselves on empowering Cincinnati-based businesses to flourish in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our client, Nurture Doulas & Ultrasound Spa, experienced firsthand the transformative results that our ethical and innovative SEO practices can deliver.

The Objective

Nurture Doulas & Ultrasound Spa, a proud local provider of comprehensive prenatal care services, needed assistance in increasing their online presence and generating targeted website traffic. Their ultimate goals were to expand their client base, enhance brand awareness, and strengthen their position in the Cincinnati market.


Our cohesive strategy encompassed:

  • Optimizing on-page SEO elements to improve the user experience and search engine friendliness.
  • Enhancing rankings for their target keywords to increase visibility and attract their desired clientele.
  • Developing specialized landing pages for each service offering to generate higher conversions and boost customer engagement.

The Cincy SEO team has worked diligently in optimizing our website for SEO and going the extra mile. We even have optimized landing pages with a new design for an improved customer experience.

In the 6 months that we've worked with Cincy SEO, we have seen an impact on our keyword rankings, traffic, and more business to our location. We couldn't have done it without their expertise and support!

Surging Website Traffic

In just six months, Nurture’s website experienced a thriving boost of 120% in traffic.


This massive growth was a direct result of our tailored SEO strategies and impactful PPC campaigns driving more visitors than ever before to Nurture’s digital domain.

Rising to the Top with SEO

Keywords are the seeds of digital presence. We sowed Nurture’s content with carefully chosen seeds that not only sprouted but flourished, ranking number 1 for brand new keywords.


This strategic keyword integration led to a 13% increase in organic visibility, ensuring that when potential customers searched for wellness solutions, Nurture was the top result.


Over the first 6 months, we’ve published over a dozen articles targeting our client’s service keywords and have achieved #1 rankings.

Advanced Google Ads Retargeting

The key to conversion is often not the first click, but the second, third, and the ones that follow. By revamping Google Ads and implementing a sophisticated retargeting strategy, we lowered the Cost Per Click (CPC) significantly.


This approach ensured that past visitors were reminded of Nurture’s value, increasing the likelihood of them returning and converting into customers.

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