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Success Story - StemCures

We Helped Increase Website Organic Traffic by 188% Year over year

At Cincy SEO, we understand that robust digital marketing is about forging connections between Cincinnati-based businesses and the communities they serve. True to this belief, our partnership with StemCures is an exemplar of how our innovative SEO practices deliver transformative results.

The Objective

StemCures, a distinguished local provider of advanced stem cell therapy services, sought our assistance to boost their organic website traffic and establish a stronger digital presence among their targeted local audience.


Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Optimizing on-page SEO elements to enhance user experience and the website’s favorability for search engines.
  • Boosting rankings for target keywords within their local area to enhance visibility and reach.
  • Implementing a content strategy focusing on popular questions around stem cell therapy and demonstrating its potential benefits for various disabilities

Over the years of working with Cincy SEO, they've done an incredible job of understanding our business and driving results.

Not only have we seen #1 rankings in our area in Cincinnati, but also for searches across the country. This has allowed customers across the country to find our practice and expand our business.

Nearly 2x Organic Website Traffic

At Cincy SEO, we recently facilitated a significant 188% increase in organic website traffic for one of our clients, StemCures. We employed an evergreen content strategy, providing timeless relevance, alongside advanced on-page SEO optimizations. 


This dual-faceted approach successfully enhanced site visibility and user engagement, extending StemCures’ reach significantly. It’s through such strategic and collaborative efforts that Cincy SEO continues to empower Cincinnati businesses in the digital sphere.

Significant Increase in Keyword Rankings

Understanding the importance of connecting with local patients in search of an option to their chronic pain relief, we employed our extensive knowledge of SEO to boost keyword rankings. By strategically targeting specific keywords relevant to StemCures offerings, and the nuances of insurance and pricing, we achieved significant improvements in keyword rankings.


This strategic move increased their online visibility, helping them to easily connect with Cincinnati-based families looking for stem cell therapy solutions and contribute to the overall growth of their business.

Content that ranks

Creating an engaging and user-friendly content that answers user’s questions, while elevating the brand, is essential for a successful online presence. For StemCures, we developed a content strategy along with graphics that targeted specific pain areas and surgeries that stem cell therapy could be considered for as an alternative.


By creating a content strategy, implemented and developed the content and brand assets, we fostered higher customer engagement, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and more patients for our client.

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