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Success Story - United Theological Seminary

We Helped Grow a Local Seminary's Website Traffic by 47%.

At Cincy SEO, we are results-driven, and take an ethical approach to SEO.  Our knowledge, innovation, and dedication to our clients led United Theological Seminary to seek our expertise in growing their online presence. This case study highlights our data-driven approach to delivering tangible growth and demonstrates how Cincy SEO empowers businesses to succeed.

The Objective

United Theological Seminary, an educational institution dedicated to preparing men and women for faith-driven leadership, needed to increase organic website traffic to reach a wider audience of potential students.


Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • On-page SEO Optimization: Our collaborative efforts ensured every web page effectively utilized target keywords, metadata, and a well-structured content hierarchy.

  • Keyword Rankings: We identified high-impact keywords unique to the seminary’s offerings, focusing on student-centric search trends.

  • Content Strategy: We helped United Theological Seminary build a content strategy tailored to answering students’ questions on all things seminary, using relevant keywords.

Jordan and the Cincy SEO team really have been a pleasure to work with. The results that we've seen are a testament to what SEO can do. Before they came on, we had no content strategy, or content fueling our website from an organic perspective.

In a short amount of time after we hired them, they suggested and have since implemented a comprehensive content strategy that attracts potential students to our website. We couldn't have done it without their help!

Page 1 Keyword Rankings

Our collaboration led to superior search engine rankings for carefully-chosen, seminary-specific keywords, placing our client on the first pages of search results.


This result marks our dedication to quality and relevance, leading the right audience to our client, rather than merely generating random traffic. The higher rankings affirm our local, concise, yet broadened digital reach.

Significant Organic Traffic Growth

Through a curated combination of expertise, precision, and understanding of our client’s audience, Cincy SEO’s approach achieved a robust 47% growth in organic traffic for United Theological Seminary.


This was driven by targeted and relevant content backed by informed analytics. The significant increase signifies a rise in visibility of prospective students keen on theological education.

Focused Content Strategy

By crafting specific, engaging, and insightful content that addresses prospective students’ queries and concerns, we created a beacon in the sea of online information for United Theological Seminary’s audience.


Cincy SEO’s strategy has not only fostered sustainable growth for the Seminary’s digital presence but also showcased it as a reliable resource for theological education. It highlights our commitment to a client-focused narrative, emphasizing growth and evolving engagement.

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